The AIMA guide to sound practices for the selection of administrators

By Ron Tannenbaum

In its third edition of The Guide to Sound Practices for the Selection and Period Assessment of Administrators, AIMA worked with several market participants, including SS&C GlobeOp, to create updates that reflect today’s evolving and challenging alternative fund management environment.

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SS&C Deliver 2017: panels and presentations for alternative investments

By Jen Molgano

SS&C Deliver 2017 is coming up fast! Taking place September 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, we’re featuring more content than ever before. For our SS&C GlobeOp clients, the session and speaker line-up offers an insightful track tailored around alternative investments, critical regulations, and our new solutions. Here is just a sampling of sessions.

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SS&C’s CORE reporting to help with the challenges of new SEC Modernization requirements

By Richard Clark

As the main regulator of the investment management industry, the SEC continues to identify opportunities to modernize and enhance the reporting and disclosure of information by registered investment companies. Along these lines, the SEC recently voted to adopt changes which modernize the current reporting regime to address the risks in the asset management industry, improve the quality of the data provided to investors and help the SEC collect and analyze data more efficiently. According to the SEC estimates, there are approximately 12,000 funds that will be affected by the new SEC modernization rules. The first of these new reports will be due July 30, 2018.

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MENA managers moving away from LP-GP private equity model

By Kamran Anwar

At a recent session during the annual IFC global private equity conference, industry leaders, including SS&C GlobeOp, discussed the fate of the traditional LP-GP private equity model in MENA and the recent growth in technology and venture capitalism (VC) deals in the region.

Below are key highlights discussed during the session:

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SEC and the accredited investors

By Michael Loo

During the Practicing Law Institute’s SEC Speaks in 2016 conference, SEC acting chairman Michael Piwowar shared his thoughts on how the SEC should remove the distinction between accredited and non-accredited investors. Accredited investors can invest in private securities not registered with financial authorities. Under SEC Rule 401 of Regulation D, some of the requirements to be an accredited investor include having an income of $200,000 or having a net worth of $1 million (excluding the primary residence). This naturally targets the alternative investment space, such as hedge funds and private equity funds. Should the distinction between accredited and non-accredited cease to exist, alternative investment managers could have a larger pool of viable investors to tap into.

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What to look for when hiring a data center vendor

By: Bob Schwartz

Computer technician in server room

Managers must do their due diligence to ensure an outsourced vendor adheres to the highest data center standards. Managers should hire vendors that can protect data from external threats whether malicious or environmental, and demonstrate the highest business continuity and data security standards.  

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New UCITS Directive Creates Symmetry with AIFMD

By: Mark McLoughlin and Emma Foley

Regulatory Solutions group_opt3

The new Undertakings for the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities V (UCITS V) directive (implemented in Q1 2016) introduces several corresponding measures that have not historically been regulated. The new measures bring the existing UCITS (IV) regime in line with AIFMD. Here’s more about the changes and how they affect you.
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The New Era of Regulation (Part 3 of a 4 Part Series)

By Ron Tannenbaum


How has regulation impacted the hedge fund industry? In this third of a four-part Q&A series, Ron Tannenbaum, managing director of business development for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at SS&C, discusses how regulation affects the hedge fund industry.
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Reliable, Credible Hedge Fund Data Since January 2006

By: Christopher Mooney & Derry-Anne Donaghy

Computer monitor with trading software. Financial information.

Although there are a number of other industry indices, the SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Index is the first independently derived and confirmed index, which ensures it is verified and does not have selection bias. The index is based on hedge funds administered by SS&C GlobeOp and excludes managed funds, daily/weekly/quarterly, funds with suspended NAVs, and fund of funds. The index includes a diverse universe of strategies. Continue reading